A full body scan with our newly state-of-the-art CT scan from GE can give you a road map for your future health and wellness

A body scan at Advanced Body Scan of Oklahoma City can provide you with a great overall assessment of your physical health.

A body scan includes a comprehensive coronary artery scan, a chest scan, and a scan of the abdomen and pelvis. The scan of the chest, abdomen and pelvis are read by a radiologist, who will examine the lungs, liver, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas, spine, kidneys and prostate gland.

Our ultrafast Body Scan in OKC can detect signs of heart disease, cancer and other abnormalities in the body long before these problems manifest themselves through physical symptoms and pain. The GE Optima CT scanner can take multiple images of the organs within the time of a single heartbeat, thus providing much more detail than conventional methods.

It’s the fastest scan available, which allows for greater accuracy for images in a heart scanlung scan or virtual colonoscopy, and Advanced Body Scan is the only provider in Oklahoma offering the technology.

Please ask for packages that include a virtual colonoscopy, such as our Presidential Body Scan available at Advanced Body Scan of Oklahoma City.

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